Our history

Hawkey Church Management Inc. (HCM) is a unique construction / project management firm that specializes in building churches.  Our company has a long heritage of church building; in fact we have completed over 500 church projects throughout Ontario over the past 40 years. Unlike most other construction companies, we have one focus and that is to work with churches like yours.

HCM has a passion for the Kingdom and a desire to serve; you will find the practices of the Hawkey Team reflect this passion.  We are committed to keeping the motto that was given to Don Hawkey many years ago “Building together under His direction to accomplish His purpose”.

From it early beginnings our company’s aim was to be relevant to its times, early on the focus was primarily to provide an economical structure to allow young churches to establish themselves. Over the years churches have evolved their ministry approach and we are no different, we create spaces that reflect the mission of the church.

A very evident trend with today’s church is that they are stretching themselves to be more culturally relevant. Some of the ways this is being achieved is through open community style designs incorporating aspect such as large foyers, children’s / youth ministry themes, cafes, lounge areas, bookstores and other “third space” areas. Technology has also influenced the design of our buildings from integrated lighting, audio and video to advanced networking, sign-in areas etc. The church of tomorrow requires a company that is familiar to the ever changing technology that help us connect with our communities.

While we respect our past, we embrace our future and look forward to seeing how God utilizes the talents of our people to provide dynamic and engaging places of worship that reach our communities.